Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Be Cool as a Cucumber This Summer

One of my personal biggest #MummyTrials is surviving the heat.

I don't do heat. You know some people buy a second home to holiday in during winter? Some where nice and warm like Spain or Italy?  I'd like to buy a holiday home for the summer, somewhere cold- no, freezing. Somewhere like Iceland. I'd like to live in Iceland right now. 

I'm ratty and short tempered in this heat, and the baby isn't fairing much better. My other half is laid on our bed, shriveled up, like a plant that hasn't been watered for weeks. Every room has a fan in, every curtain remains closed in a desperate attempt to keep out the evil sun and there are rows upon rows of cold drinks ready and waiting in the fridge. Like I said, I DON'T DO HEAT. 

Surprisingly, the 6 year old seems to be coping quite well. Bless him, he has to go to school in this weather and attempt to concentrate on difficult concepts like time. How cruel is that? Poor kid. I smother him in suncream and arm him with a sun hat before he leaves. I remind him about 10 times on the way to school he needs to drink lots today and stay in the shade. He leaves me at the door, excited because its roast dinner for lunch today. Madness! 

One good thing is the baby seems to be really dozy with this weather, and is sleeping for more than 20 minutes at a time. This is nice, except for the constant worry. Is he too hot? It he too cold? My fear of SIDS has never been more acute. 

So I've devised a list of handy advice, hints and tips to remain as cool as you can this summer. If you have anything else to add, please do so in the comments. Unless its have a cold shower, because I've already done that twice! 

1. This link is from the BBC and gives advice on keeping babies cool in this weather. It's really worth a watch: 

2. Breast Milk Lollies are apparently the new way to go. Not only do they fill babies tummy but they also sooth teething pains and keep them cool. 

3. A Cool Teether. I've recently purchased a Nuby teether than you can put in the freezer. Even if they aren't teething, its nice to be able to give them something cool to suck on, and if your not breast feeding I think this is a great alternative. Remember, bottle fed babies can have cooled boiled water in between feeds to keep they hydrated. 

4. If you or your kids have heat rash, don't panic! It's usually harmless and clears up on its own: 

5. Don't go outside at noon, or around lunch time. It's the hottest part of the day and it's not going to do you an favors if you end up feeling dehydrated and sick

6. DRINK PLENTY. If your sunburned, drink a small glass of water every 15 minutes to help dehydrate you. Plaster the after sun on. 

7. SMOTHER EVERYONE YOU KNOW IN SUNCREAM. Babies too. Aldi do a lovely sun cream for babies. It's been a bit of a debate if babies can have 'normal' sun cream recently, but most of the tubs will have advice on the back relating to the age the product is appropriate for. If they don't have any warnings, I'm taking it to mean they are appropriate for any age. 

8. Visit your olds. Elderly people are especially vulnerable in this weather, and they often forget to ask for help if they need it. Encourage them to keep eating, because warm weather can lead to a decrease in appetite and this can cause problems. If your elderly person starts acting strangely, even aggressively, they may well have a urine infection. Urine Infections in the elderly are very different from any other age group, and can become very serious. Out of place aggression is actually a pretty common sign of this. Call their doctor (maybe not in front of them if they are really aggressive) or 111. Try and have a look down the toilet if they've recently been for a wee. If its dark in color, its pretty likely they are dehydrated. 

9. Fans for all! Buy fans for you and everyone you know. Put them in every room! Apparently its wrong to point a fan directly at a baby, but I'm doing it with my two and they are both fine. 

10. Make drinks up already for when you need them and pop them in the fridge (unless you have a fancy water cooler already stocked full of nice icy water) 

Good Luck Guys! Stay Safe and Cool. Happy Reading x

#Mummy Trials 

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