Thursday, 13 July 2017

Step Parenting Resources

So in the interest of support, I have complied a list of support resources that I have found useful specifically for step parents. It's not an exhaustive list and I'm sure I will come across more as time goes by, but for now;
Very good website with articles covering many subjects including dealing with disrespectful step children, hostile ex's, dealing with feelings of resentment and how to cope with teenagers. I would highly recommend this for people who have just entered into the world of step parenting or are having specific issues and are looking for guidance.
I've read a few article from here and found them very useful, purely for the fact they made me feel less alone and not so guilty. Its nice to know other people feel the same and struggle in the same way. I really love their articles because they give advice that is easy to apply (the majority of the time) to my own life - they aren't high brow academics who haven't even been in this situation themselves. 

Step-Mums UK & Step Parents
These are facebook groups aimed at supporting other step parents. It's what you would expect from a group- posts asking for advice, sharing experiences, and sometimes blowing off steam. A useful day to day resource and brilliant for helping you feel less alienated/guilty/alone.

How to be a Happy Step Mum by Lisa Doodson 
Lisa is a step mother herself and a qualified therapist. This book aims to help you understand your role as a step parent and what they might entail. She talks about the 8 factors that she describes as building blocks to creating a positive relationship with your step child and carving out your role as a step parent. They are: Partnership, Resentment, Ambiguity, Coping, Time, Integration, Support and Ex's = PRACTISE. I'm finding this a very useful resource, although not all of it is relevant to my situation. I like the fact Lisa didn't find this journey easy just because she was a therapist- in fact she was quite shocked at how different the theory was from the practice.

The Step Mothers Support Group by Sam Baker 
Another brilliant book I found. It's not a self help book, but a novel following the different situations of a group of step mothers. It's not a very intensive book, quite light hearted and an enjoyable read and easy to relate to for many different situations. 


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