Wednesday, 9 August 2017

I'm a MUM

I'm a mum.
I feed, clothe and bath my children.
I am their entertainer, their cleaner, their maid and nurse.
I wipe boggies from snottie noses
I catch vomit in my hands
I am a cheerleader from the sidelines every sports day
I spend all my energy, my time, my love on my children

But my children did not come from my womb
The children I spend all my wages on
The children I cry for, defend, and protect
Came with my partner.

Every day I choose to love them
Because I know family
Does not mean DNA

I struggle with mixed emotions, hostile Ex's and a 'wicked' image
I put up with judgement and isolation
Without any recognition or thanks

Being a mum is hard
Being a Step Mum is even harder

We often put aside our own dreams
And delay having our own children
In order to look after the ones we never knew we had
Until they walked into our lives
And stole our hearts

There are no support groups for Step Mums
There are no leaflets on how to do it
You learn along the way

Its not an easy road
But we don't give up, We don't walk away
We try out hardest

So next time you see a Step Mum
Don't picture this ....

Image result for wicked step mother
Picture this.....

And remember,Image result for happy loving mother
she is a mum too

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